Monday, August 14, 2006

Boomkat - Boomkatalog.One

1. Yo!Verture
2. The Wreckoning
3. Now Understand This
4. Wastin' My Time
5. Move On
6. B4 It's 2 L8
7. Know Me
8. Daydreamin'
9. CrazyLove
10. Look At All The People
11. Bein' Bad
12. What U Do 2 Me
13. Answers
14. Left Side/Right Side
15. Rip Her To Shreads (Bouns Track)

Boomkat, apart from having the coolest name for a band ever, actually have a pretty decent album here in my opinion. The Wreckoning, Now Understand This, Daydreamin', Wastin' My Time, CrazyLove & What U Do 2 Me are all awsome, mostly fun humourous songs. Boomkat were, or are (anyone now if the are still making music??) were brother and sister duo Taryn & Kellin Manning.

Taryn Manning is an actress i'm sure most people will recognise for anything other then her acting (remember those photos of Nicole Riche, Taryn and a suspect lookin pipe???).

Boomkat's music has been included in soundtracks all over the place (Crossroads, Crazy.Beautiful, Mean Girls, The Hot Chick, 8mile) so chances are pretty high you've heard a Boomkat song may you realise it or not.


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