Friday, August 04, 2006

PYT - Down With Me

1. Who's Lovin' Me
2. Same Ol' Same Ol' (ft. Styles) (Remix
3. Yeah Yeah Yeah
4. Weak
5. Simple Things
6. PYT (Down With Me
7. I Like The Way (The Kissing Game
8. Ain't No Ifs Ands Or Buts About It
9. Same Ol' Same Ol' (ft. Sarai
10. You Don't Know
11. Sweet Kisses
12. Call Me Anytime
13. Deep Down
14. A Girl Can Dream
15. Same Ol' Same Ol'

Unreleleased & B Sides
1. We're Dancing
2. Anywhere USA
3. DFW
4. Walk Before We Run
5. Book Of Dreams
6. Sooner Or Later
7. Prove Yourself
8. Something More Beautiful
9. Simply In Love With You

I have been a huge fan of PYT since 1999 and have followed Lauren, Ashley, Tracy and Lydia's careers ever since they broke up in 2001. Setting them apart from all the other pop/r&b girl groups at the time was that everyone of them was a great singer and they weren't put together through auditions, they grew up together and put the group together themselves.
Down With Me and Same Ol' Same Ol' (Same Ol' was written by Christina Milian) are awsome songs and had such huge potential and were so different to all the other pop music being released at the same time, and its a damn' shame that they were never really promoted.
I encourage all you pop/r&b fans to download at least the album.
Listening to all these songs brought back a lot of great memories for me.


Blogger Knite said...

Where can i get their music videos

Wednesday, 23 August, 2006  
Blogger Malou said...

I know that Down With Me and Same Ol Same Ol are on but I don't know where you can download them from. someone must have them!! please !!!!I want them as well

Sunday, 27 August, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG THANK YOU!!! i've been looking for "sooner or later" forever!!! ahhh i can't thank you're awesome

Saturday, 17 March, 2007  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

OMG THANK YOU!!! i've been looking for "sooner or later" forever!!! ahhh i can't thank you're awesome

Saturday, 17 March, 2007  
Anonymous Adam said...

I cant download it. It says that the file is wrong or something. is there another to download it? i used the megaupload thing but..i cant open it when its downloaded?

Monday, 02 April, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to clear up some things...because it almost seems like you were saying that (PYT Down With Me) was written by Christina Milian as well(simply by the way you wrote the names of the 2 songs together)...which is not true it was written by (Anthem Channette and Channoah Higgens) 2 twin girls who has also written songs for Mary J Blige,Hooks for Will Smith,2pac,50 Cent and many many more)they also wrote (Weak and No If's or And's About it)....anyway just wanted to make that clear..

Thursday, 05 April, 2007  

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