Saturday, February 24, 2007


All The Time In The World

1. All I Can Do
2. Throw Your Hands Up
3. Summer Song
4. Joyride
5. Angel In My Heart
6. Put Me In The Picture
7. Forever In My Heart
8. Diamond
9. Throw Your Hands Up (Remix)
10. Joyride (Remix)
11. All I Can Do (Remix)

Dreaming In Color

1. In My Heart
2. Just A Dream
3. Dance With Me
4. Dreaming In Color
5. I've Got The Music In Me
6. It's A Beautiful World
7. Mind Your Head
8. Feels Like Falling
9. Dance With Me (Barnyard Remix)
10. In My Heart (Remix)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are just so many of your albums I want! I'll only ask for one at a time though- no need to get greedy...

Wednesday, 16 May, 2007  

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